Quality to the Core

As one of the very few facilities in India, Prosafe Biologicals LLP manufacturing facilities are dedicated and tailored to the production of finished probiotic products. Diligent attention to all parameters that are critical to stabilizing probiotic products is a cornerstone of our production flow along with careful process documentation.

Originating with our OTC products, the sites are GMP certified in accordance with the rules governing Medicinal Products in India, allowing for manufacturing of probiotic OTC pharmaceuticals. In addition, our factory is approved for the manufacture of food supplements in accordance with the current GMP legislation and operates in compliance with the relevant regulation for dietary supplements as per FSSAI.

With an integrated manufacturing system set-up coupled with a rigid Quality Management system including a QP function, we fully control the product quality and consistently meet the quality requirements throughout every step of the manufacturing process from the receipt of the raw material to the release of the finished product.

Our Mission

What we strive to achieve...

To be the trusted service partner to the global life sciences industry for Probiotics, and process development, production and fill finish tubes for production and through to commercial product supply.

To apply our technical expertise and experience to deliver customer value and take pride in our reputation as a comprehensive service provider.

To enhance our skills and capabilities to meet our customers' needs as their products develop and mature.

Our Vision

To be a global, leading life-science company, providing innovative and scientifically based probiotic supplements as turn-key solutions. Our Values What we stand for…

We are respectful, trustworthy and pro-active – values that our employees have defined and that is reflected in everything we do progressively.

Our Values

What we stand for...


We are focused on delivering excellent customer service


We will operate openly in partnership with our customers

Best Value

We will generate ideas to continually improve our product and service offerings and provide added value for our customers


We are pro-active and quick to respond


We have a results delivery orientated attitude

Probiotic state-of-the-art

Prosafe Biologicals LLP works closely with industry associations to ensure alignment with the highest standards for probiotic nutritional/dietary supplements. Product quality and accurate labelling are critical factors in securing the best consumer experience, and are some of the issues addressed by our industry associations of choice. 

Our Commitment to You

Prosafe Biologicals LLP provides a comprehensive biologics and pharmaceuticals service offering, with multi-functional and experienced teams nurturing customers’ products through to commercial manufacture within two GMP approved facilities. 


Prosafe Biologicals LLP is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation (CDMO) supporting the global life sciences industry in the development and manufacture of Probiotic products. 


Over a decade of track record in producing biologics and pharmaceuticals related to Probiotics for commercial supply. This has given our people a unique knowledge base as both manufacturer and also as service providers for the global life sciences market in probiotics.

We offer a broad range of integrated manufacturing services, bespoke to individual customer requirements for probiotics related to commercial market supply. 


Every product complies with GMP standards and is conceived with an unmatched quality derived from the know-how of Prosafe Biologicals LLP ’s highly qualified, flexible and dedicated people.

Prosafe Biologicals LLP has two GMP approved facilities

Our Manufacturing sites offer a comprehensive service to nurture your product portfolio from conception to fill and finish.

Prosafe Biologicals LLP takes pride in manufacturing excellence, delivering what we promise and helping our customers to develop drugs for the benefit of patients.

Fill Finish

Our modern, flexible Fill Finish facility expands our service offering to include the production of probiotics and commercial supply.



Prosafe Biologicals products are designed to satisfy established needs in the market, at the same time pushing research and development in new application areas.

Gut health/intestinal health is the traditional application for probiotics. A significant amount of scientific research has shown that ingestion of specific probiotic strains may support intestinal well being.

Probiotics for immune support is an important and well documented application area. 70% of the body’s immune cells are associated with the digestive system and numerous scientific studies have shown, that ingestion of specific probiotic strains may support natural defenses and strengthen immunity.

Balancing the oral microbiota is an emerging and rapidly growing application area for probiotics. An increasing number of clinical studies show, that specific probiotics can support oral health by keeping the oral microbiota balanced and provide a natural defence against oral health problems.

Women’s intimate health is an established application area for probiotics. Scientific studies have shown that oral and vaginal administration of specific probiotic strains can support women’s intimate health. Several functional features of probiotics are especially important in maintaining a balanced vaginal microbiota. 


Critical to the shelf life of a probiotic dietary supplement is how the product is protected during storage. Prosafe Biologicals offers a variety of pack solutions to ensure that our products maintain adequate amounts of probiotics throughout shelf life.

The majority of our products features a newly introduced state-of-the-art active polymer desiccant container with superior moisture scavenging capability and user-friendly design. 


Prosafe Biologicals LLP solutions features technical files to support registration with local authorities in most countries. Our ready-to-market proposition emphasize that all ingredients are approved as food ingredients – ready to market. 


Optimizing the desired effect of any dietary supplement is based on consumption of the recommended dose. By aligning specific probiotic strains with clinical documentation in a certain age group, with a dosing format appropriate for that age group, probiotic solutions from Prosafe Biologicals offer compliance and consumer satisfaction. According to recent research by Intelligence, targeting specific population groups is a winning product strategy.

capsules, Syrups, Sachets and Fill Tubes


Business Opportunities

Prosafe Biologicals LLP mission is to create long-lasting, sustainable and strategic partnerships with customers and to provide them with the distinct competitive advantages that help them succeed in the market. We accomplish this by delivering innovative, high-quality and competitive probiotic solutions. We are a flexible business partner and are looking forward to starting a fruitful collaboration with you.


Prosafe Biologicals LLP business partners

Our probiotics can be found all over the world. They are marketed under private label or co-brand by food supplement and pharmaceutical companies – often in a medically endorsed way. Based in India, we have established strong partnerships with leading Global food supplement and pharmaceutical companies. Outside of India, we have experience in delivering probiotics to the Asian, Africa, Europe and American continents.

At the moment we have set up collaborations with various different business partners.

Every year, around 60 million people around the world use a probiotic formulation from Prosafe Biologicals LLP.



Prosafe Biologicals LLP is expertise in handling and processing probiotics is the foundation of sustainable probiotic solutions, that stay viable on the shelf. Our rigorous selection process of probiotic strains, and our expertise in formulation and handling, provides a sustainable business model based on customer loyalty to probiotic supplements that work.

Value proposition, Quality Research, Scientific Advisory, Innovation, Development and Manufacturing



Right amount when consumed, Right amount when delivered …as simple as that!

At Prosafe Biologicals LLP,  we recognize what the consumer expects from a probiotic supplement: it must be safe, efficacious and reliable. We apply our core competencies to developing probiotic solutions that will satisfy consumers by selecting the right probiotic strains, by making sure the probiotics maintain potency throughout shelf-life and by applying state-of-the-art acid protection technologies for superior gastric survival.


Probiotics ABC

The term ‘probiotic’ is derived from the Greek pro (for) and bios (life) meaning ‘for life’.

Over the past decade research in probiotic health benefits has exploded, discovering new bacteria and their effect at an unprecedented speed.

The beneficial effects of probiotics likely result from several complex, interacting mechanisms that will differ for different strains and sites of activity.



Evidence Based Probiotics

Prosafe biologicals LLP Branded turnkey solutions are based on specific probiotic strains with strong clinical evidence supporting a given indication area.

Probiotics – even when belonging to the same family or species – have different properties; as siblings: same family but different competencies. Selecting a probiotic supplement based on identification of the specific strain is therefore critical to achieving the desired benefit.

Product labeling will specify if the content is identified on a strain level or species level. Always look for a probiotic supplement with specific strains.


Prosafe Biologicals Probiotics for Human Health

Our Brand probiotic turnkey solutions in documented application areas. Unique microbiotas are present all over the human body and are shaped in every individual by genes, diet, and environment. Probiotics work locally or systemically to help balance and maintain healthy microbiotas, and though probiotic research originated in understanding the intestinal microbiota, it is now recognized that probiotics may have beneficial effects in several local applications outside the gut.

Shelf life Stability

The content of active cells or effective probiotics in a probiotic supplement is measured in the number of Colony Forming Units (CFU). Viable probiotics multiply, form colonies or colonize and only in this state, the desired action of the bacteria will happen. Labelling of probiotic supplements should therefore reflect the number of CFU the product will contain through the date of expiration.


Prosafe Biologicals is engaged and working together with the probiotic industry to implement labeling guidelines accordingly, Critical to

probiotic stability, Strain viability, Production processes, Production environment, Primary packaging and Storage conditions


Clinical documentation

NOT ALL PROBIOTICS ARE THE SAME and not all have demonstrated effect. Prosafe Biologicals unique products feature probiotics that are identified at strain level and have been clinically studied.

Clinical trials are performed with specified probiotic dosage levels or CFU content, and documented efficacy is tied to these levels. Our products are designed to contain specific CFU levels to ensure that the finished product offers adequate amounts of probiotics during the entire product shelf life.



Researched probiotic strains

Innovative delivery technologies

Dedicated facility to probiotics

Turnkey probiotic solutions

We welcome you to explore our universe.


Please contact us today to learn how Prosafe Biologicals LLP can help to grow your business.

We provide all of our customers with:

On-trend innovation and R&D support

Rapid commercialization to accelerate speed-to-shelf

Industry-best food safety and quality system

A wide variety of processing and packaging options



PROSAFE BIOLOGICALS LLP PROBIOTIC TURNKEY SOLUTIONS are formulated with specific probiotic strains in the right amounts for targeted health benefits based on clinical data. The products and dietary supplements have undergone thorough development and testing and offer industry standard shelf life stability. All products target specific market demands – ready to distribute under private label.


Prosafe Biologicals LLP HEALTH AREAS







Researched probiotics

Adequate amounts of specific strains

Innovative delivery technologies

Targeted product design

24 months real time stability

Regulatory clearance/technical file

Turnkey– ready to market





Science/clinical documentation

Natural origin

Ease of use/convenience

Transparency in ingredient sourcing