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Prosafe Biologicals: Ensuring A Healthier Tomorrow

Prosafe Biologicals LLP established in 2016 under the able leadership of Dr. Anil Babu has established itself as one of the reckoned names in the Biotech industry with its diverse products in the field of probiotics and is considered as a rising star in the probioticsindustry with its foot prints extending beyond India to countries like USA, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Vietnam and Asia pacific countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc. The companies Probiotics are made available in various dosage forms of oral liquids (Drugs), syrup, dry syrup, sachets, capsules and tablets registered under FSSAI license.

IT IS ALWAYS SAID A BODY IS AS HEALTHY AS ITS MIND AND STOMACH IS THE EPICENTRE OF HEALTHY MIND. The world of science never fails to amaze. One of the most beneficial scientific discoveries of the modern times in human healthcare is the use of probiotics to enhance overall health. According to FAO/WHO, Probiotics are "Useful live microbes which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. "probioticsmicrobes have the capability to evoke both innate and adaptive “immune effectors” of the body with positive health benefits in keeping our gut healthy and protected from the invading pathogens.

Prosafe had been offering products that will surpass the global standards and ensure highest quality. Enclosed below is the list of products which are offered to market.

PROSAFE had been undertaking third party manufacturing under P2P and B2b basis for companies like Aurobindo, Medopharm, Medmanor, Leeoford and has signed CDA with Sun Pharma as well.

Prosafe’s strength has been its ability to develop new formulations which has brought in a reputation as highly innovative company for developing new indigenous products that provide an edge in the market to our channels. The quick growth garnered so far is due to the nature of company’s products that had been different and innovative. The flag ship products such as multivitamin, mineral, Zinc and Bacillus subtilis, are some of the examples with worldwide acceptance as innovative. Along with this, probiotics in ORS is also a unique brand that offers multiple health benefits. Prosafe does not use any preservatives in the formulations of its products. It has stabilized robust formulations of its own to withstand room temperature. The main product of Prosafe is Bacillus clausii, which is an oral liquid suspension, stable and robust in nature.


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  • Under the auspices of Dr. Anil Babu Korrapati , Prosafe is excelling the domain gradually. Professing the vision of this entrepreneurial venture, Dr. Anil asserts that his goals for the company are predefined and well-planned to meet the objective. He possesses years of experience in the domain of Research and Development while serving at Indian Immunologicals Ltd (Hyderabad). Being associated with ICGEB (New Delhi), he developed innovative technologies and his industry experience at Virchow Biotech allowed him to scale up new heights in the commercial business.

  • The ingenious instincts of the business leader allowed him to incorporate Prosafe in November 2016, so that, people could be benefitted from the innovative probioticsproducts that are quite advantageous to combat several diseases. According to Dr Anil, all of the offered products are forged dexterously, be it the propounded multivitamins, minerals, Bacillus subtilis, r the probioticsenriched ORS that confer multiple health benefits to the consumer.

    He firmly believes that R&D plays a significant role in the development of a cut above, unique formulations. And to ensure this, their skilful team work diligently to develop exceptional formulations. In past three years, the team has come up with almost 30-35 exclusive formulations that have bestowed the company with noteworthy recognition in the domain.

Our Goals and Future plans

Our Skillset with More Experience.

Prosafe, through its investments in the field, has helped promote the probiotic concept in the country by creating awareness amongst the Indian population about the health benefits of these friendly bacteria. The entire spectrum of novel health benefits associated with the Probiotics and probioticsfoods have a better reach as the company makes progress and grows. Prosafe also organizes free health campaigns from time to time as a part of CSRS (Corporate Social Responsibility Services).

To extend the growth of their business, Prosafe defines its goals and path well in advance for every FY. They look for new opportunities, and identify new customers through Market Research. They run email campaigns with the latest updates in probiotics, use social media for running different advertising programs, and attend pharma networking events, host events, and so on to spread their reach.

Within three years they have launched almost thirty different formulations, and are now working with big companies like Sun Pharma, Leeford, Aurobindo, Verispore Aqua, Medopharm and Medmanor. In future, they are planning to launch functional probiotics, which will work on specific diseases like obesity, gastro, urology and cancer.

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