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Probiotics are the "good" bacteria that are normally present inside us. We can live with them and they keep us healthy. Here's more about the types of probiotics products out there, according to the latest research on intestinal flora.

Many types of microbes naturally live inside human body. They are sometimes called 'gut bacteria'. These microbes are helpful to us, they help our body digest food and produce vitamins.

It is generally accepted that the development of drug resistance in bacteria is a growing problem, and a variety of possible solutions have been proposed, such as vaccines, alternative antimicrobial strategies, and probiotics.

It's very important for children to maintain proper health and hygiene. Here, we have a probiotics capsule that contains live bacteria that are needed by the body. Using this capsule daily will help maintain good health.

Research shows the human gut contains about 100 trillion bacteria. We know that some of these bacteria, such as lactobacilli, are associated with a healthy digestive system. Probiotics are live cultures or their constituents (e.g., yeasts) that have been shown to positively affect the health of the host when administered in adequate amounts. They can be eaten as food or in dietary supplements (as is the case with 'live' yogurt), and they can also be applied to the skin in a specific medical treatment known as "pharmaco-derm." probiotics products may contain one or more likely beneficial strains taken from the human mouth and digestive system, the soil, or, increasingly, the human gut itself.

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