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Let's make way for good bacteria to enter our bodies. We play a pivotal role in keeping your health sound through all walks of life. Right from the prenatal stage till the very late stages of our lives your body needs the quintessential bacteria to function effectively and feel better.

When you feel better, you do better. We have our products covering infants, women, athletes, and everybody who cares for their wellbeing. We want to see you grow, heal, happy because we care. Our products are here to help your body in 360 degrees to function at your absolute best. View Products

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We Research, Develop & Manufacture Probiotics.

We are a leading manufacturer of Probiotics in India having a vast experience of two decades producing quality probiotics. We supply our Probiotics in bulk to various reputed companies in India and also export to United States, Europe, South Africa and several other countries.

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Manufacturing Services

We help you curate your products with the added goodness of products, giving attention to the minute details of your specifications.

Private Labelling

We at Prosafe Products also provide Private Labelling Services with a huge client base around the world.

Customized Blends

We understand your needs and customize the formulations in our labs accordingly.Our multifaceted labs and specialists

Technical and Documentation
Support Services

Our team is always there to back you up. Our experienced R & D team provides you with all the support


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Prosafe Biologicals products are designed to satisfy established needs in the market, at the same time pushing research and development in new application areas. Know More

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Goals and Future Plans

Prosafe, through its investments in the field, has helped promote the probiotics concept in the country by creating awareness amongst the Indian population about the health benefits of these friendly bacteria. The entire spectrum of novel health benefits associated with the Probiotics and probiotics foods have a better reach as the company makes progress and grows. Prosafe also organizes free health campaigns from time to time as a part of CSRS (Corporate Social Responsibility Services). Know More

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