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Quality Control

Quality control is an ongoing process where Prosafe ensures that making the name brand product that we make every single time.

A natural synergy between science, research and the creation of beauty and elegance. Prosafe Biologicals is dedicated to quality control for probiotics. The combination of a creative and creative environment with the latest technology equipment. In addition, we always analyze incoming raw materials, so that the product is of the highest quality possible. We are also involved in the development of new products every day. Because we do not need improvement, just more innovation. Basically, our people achieve this goal: producing and marketing high-quality products based solely on our own ideas and developments.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is part of modern pharmaceutical companies. It involves the examination of probiotics products, or those that contain probiotics, along with surrounding equipment and processes to make sure they are produced according to current good manufacturing practices. It also includes quality control measures used to ensure the safety and integrity of the product when on the market.

The benefits of probiotics are no secret. Whether or not you are taking them yourself, the data is there to prove how the right strain of good bacteria can help you to become healthier and fitter. With such amazing health benefits, it becomes a necessity that this good bacteria is able to pass all the tests and checks that may be required before agreeing on a contract with a probiotics company.


Prosafe Biologicals products are designed to satisfy established needs in the market, at the same time pushing research and development in new application areas.

Gut health/intestinal health is the traditional application for probiotics. A significant amount of scientific research has shown that ingestion of specific probiotics strains may support intestinal wellbeing

Probiotics for immune support is an important and well documented application area. 70% of the body’s immune cells are associated with the digestive system and numerous scientific studies have shown, that ingestion of specific probiotics strains may support natural defenses and strengthen immunity.

Balancing the oral microbiota is an emerging and rapidly growing application area for probiotics. An increasing number of clinical studies show, that specific probiotics can support oral health by keeping the oral microbiota balanced and provide a natural defense against oral health problems.

Women’s intimate health is an established application area for probiotics. Scientific studies have shown that oral and vaginal administration of specific probiotics strains can support women’s intimate health. Several functional features of probiotics are especially important in maintaining a balanced vaginal microbiota.

Research & Development

The prime motivation behind the inception of Prosafe Biologicals was Dr. Anil’s years of experience in the industry in the field of Research and Development along with strength and knowledge of various formulations. Dr. Anil has had previous work experience in R&D at Indian Immunologicals LTD (Hyderabad), ICGEB (New Delhi), etc. that has helped him develop new novel technologies and innovative formulations. His industry experience at Virchow Biotech helped him scale up into the commercial business.

So far, the growth factor for the company had been purely through word of mouth and through referrals.

For them, R&D plays a major role in developing good formulations in terms of quality. The R&D team at Prosafe has developed almost 30-35 different formulations and had them launched in the last three years. The company has even greater plans for the coming years. They aim for a growth of 30-40% year on year. The company plans to identify new business opportunities geographically and reach its targets and objectives through strategic forethought.

Employees are what they make or break a company. Dr. Anil understands that they are the biggest asset and personally invests his time and support for each and every employee. He takes their problems as his own and helps them through their difficult situations. He states, “We are one family.”

The Human Resource Team at Prosafe is well organized. They have an HR Manual with a number of benefits to the employees. Within the organization, they provide equal opportunities to every individual. They conduct Annual parties and events to encourage all the employees.


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